Hello again!

2/12/2012 09:22:33


Well, a lot has happened in the last couple months -- The Wizard of Oz was a terrific success && I am so grateful to have been a part of the production! Sleeping Beauty and the Beast is shaping up -- with just a month left of rehearsals, I can't wait to see everything come together on stage! In case I haven't mentioned it already: I absolutely LOVE directing. I have a stronger appreciation for theatre than I did before (hard to imagine, but it's true!) and I feel that I'm becoming a stronger actress because I have a more complete sense of what it means to embody a character, look anchored on stage, and be present even when you are not involved in the primary action on stage. It's also making me more articulate as I work to get my vision across to the students, costumer, hair & makeup personnel, lights & sound operators, set painters, etc. I am starting to find my "directing style" and it's exciting to see everyone start to shine as they become more confident and creative in their roles.

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