Today is full of possibilities.
It is also 11/11/11 ... which is just plain cool. =)

Rehearsals are well underway for "The Wizard of Oz" -- only 3 weeks till opening night! So exciting! It's always fun to see a show develop and watch the characters come alive and this show is no different! I'm loving every minute working with the cast, crew and directing staff.

Speaking of which -- I'm going to be directing a show pretty soon!
Auditions for "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast" are in a couple weeks and I'm working on getting everything in order -- I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got my box of scripts =) I'm really excited about working with mah SC drama peeps to create a "you'll fall out of your chair it's so funny" show!

Enjoy today && remember: Today is full of possibilities.
Try something new, be spontaneous, give random acts of kindness...

"We are all but characters in this life. Which part do you wish to play?"

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