Hello, friends! I wanted to share my personal blog with you -- 525,600 Minutes -- My new year's resolution was to write more, and so I decided to blog for a year and see what happens! Why do you need so many blogs? You might be asking ... Well, that's a good question! The posts right here on this website are to keep you up to date with my ongoing journey to Broadway ... My professional musings, if you will. This other blog is to give a voice to my personal victories and struggles. In looking back on recent years, I realized that I don't have a lot to show for the steps (both forward and backwards) that I took ... it's as if they didn't even happen. I don't want any more years to go by in such a blur that I don't learn from my mistakes, and keep track of my emotional/intellectual/etc. breakthroughs! So, if you like showtunes and/or want to learn more about my life -- check it out!

Blessings, all!
Remember to look on the bright side of life today ... [Even if the sun isn't shining]!

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    These are the musings of a future Broadway leading lady (is that presumptuous? maybe... but let's just call it "optimistic", shall we?) and a chronicle of the journey (detours?) that got her there...


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