Hey, gang! It's been crazy in the life o' Suzy these days -- I had my directing debut with "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast" last month (it was SO MUCH FUN!) which was a huge success and a great experience; I'm so grateful for your support [YOU helped make it a success]! And while I LOVE directing I'm anxious to get back onstage -- I'll have an announcement this next month about a couple fun projects that I have up my sleeve for this summer!
I've also been putting together a studio in Salem (I know! So exciting!) and we're officially open for business =D I'll be teaching voice and theatre at Rising Star Studios -- both individual lessons and group classes. There's even been talk of putting together a musical theatre camp over the summer for all levels -- beginner to advanced -- if you're interested, let me know! I'd love to gain enough interest to make it happen THIS YEAR!

The sunshine is shining -- and I think the Vitamin D is just what I needed. I have been so productive the last couple days -- how about you? I love it! No matter what you have on your schedule ~ be a STAR today!

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